Monday, 11 August 2008

book club | society

I hosted this months bookclub at Society. With a wedding and birth just around the corner, I themed the evening a 'Babies and Brides' bookclub. Unfortunately Katie was unable to make it though… I made little bookmarks for all the girls and baked little choc chip cookies as little favours.
All of my books were ordered online from Take2, as I found their prices to be better than Exclusives, even with the bookclub discount.
I was really looking forward to eating at Society as I hadn't eaten there since they opened. I also had a very pleasant (if not drunken) sushi experience there a few months ago. Wednesday is actually their half price sushi night, and I don't know what they serve when its full price, cos I was a little disappointed. My soggy hand roll arrived with a big lettuce leaf on top (?) I removed it to find a tiny piece of tuna underneath. My tempura prawn cucumber maki was pretty good though. The ultimate in taking the piss was my main meal. Please do not charge me R90 for a Seafood Linguine with 3 prawns in it. And 4 scallops the size of my pinky toe. Its insulting. I can do the math - R90 can get a helluva lot of pasta and prawns. They must be having a laugh.
A few of us lingered for another drink after we gave up trying to figure out the mysterious black hole of a bill. I must have had fun, cos I completely forgot to pick books for myself. Silly girl.