Sunday, 07 June 2009

bookclub - june 2009

A week ago I hosted my first bookclub at my place slash my mom's place.

Days days ahead of planning, chopping, baking, shopping lists and the best part of all - choosing books. I had an awesome time spending a morning at Exclusive Books choosing a nice little stalagmite of books to persue. I had already checked out the Booker prize lists for the past few years and had a few ideas of what I wanted. How odd though, as much of a bookworm that I am, it was the first time I had really indulged in buying books. And it was lovely.

The evening was lovely, luckily the cold weather held off and we could enjoy ourselves outside. I kept the food pretty simple, not to detract from the books of course. So to start it was 101 Cookbooks Vegetarian Split Pea soup, with Martha Stewart's Mac & Cheese to follow and finishing off with a slightly burnt Sour Cream Coffee Cake from Nectar & Light.

Of my books put forward, these were chosen:

An American Wife - Curtis Sittenfeld
6 Suspects - Vikas Swarup
Twilight - Stephanie Meyer

Happy Reading until next month!